My life mission is to help clients to cultivate and embrace a loving acceptance of their sexuality so they can experience and create life-affirming, intimate connection within themselves and with others. Cultural taboos inhibit even healthy sexual conversations and I help clients learn to talk comfortably about sex, explore their sexual interests, and to develop their own internal compass by which to assess what works for them sexually.

As a coach, educator, author and speaker, I help individuals to recognize that their sexuality--however it expresses itself--is normal, healthy and potentially a source of great joy and connectivity.* I advocate a sex-positive vision that invites all individuals to treasure their bodies, and delight in the gifts of intimacy, pleasure and passion.

The need for connection is a fundamental human drive and nurtures our vitality, a sense of belonging, of loving and being loved, of being valued. Healthy sexual expression—with ourselves or with others—is our birthright, and satisfies our deep need for connection.

*From the orientation of sex-positivity, I view sexual behavior as "normal" that is: mutual, consensual, respectful, safe and sane. In no way do I support or normalize behavior that is non-consensual or coercive as part of "sex-positivity." To learn more about the meaning of sex-positive, click here.