A dynamic and engaging public speaker, I welcome the opportunity to speak to groups on topics related to developing sex-positive attitudes, having fabulous sex over 50, empowered sexuality for women, developing effective sexual communication skills, building intimacy and more. 

Jane presented an 18-minute Ted Style talk on “Empowered Sexuality and Aging: Reclaiming Sex after 50” for AARP’s Vital Aging Conference in Eugene on November 18, 2015. Jane came highly recommended and her talk nonetheless exceeded my expectations. It was helpful, humorous, thought provoking and beautifully organized and delivered. Jane is a true “Ted” Quality speaker indeed. Jane’s message about safer sex was also timely, highly informative and vitally important to this population.
— Joyce De Monnin, MPH, MBA Communications Director, AARP Oregon
Jane spoke to students in my Human Sexual Behaviors class and did a fabulous job in addressing issues relating to sexuality in older adults and in healing from sexual trauma. The students had so many positive things to say and really responded to Jane’s authenticity and fearlessness. After Jane’s talk, my students expressed curiosity about sexuality in the older adults in their lives, and used information from her talk as a resource for solutions and recommendations in follow-up case studies. And, I can honestly say that until I heard Jane speak, I’ve never heard anyone talk about past sexual trauma without at least some internalized victim-blaming. It was wonderful to hear someone tell her truth without any overlay of cultural sexual shame. I can’t say enough about what an excellent presenter she is.
— Angela Towne, MEd, PhD Candidate in Human Sexuality, Professor, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Pacific University, March 2015
Jane taught two classes as part of our seven-week course on senior sexualtity, “The Heart Has No Wrinkles.” Her two classes “Talking Out Loud about Sex: The Art of Communication” and “Enjoying Pleasure in an Aging Body: The Gifts of Redefining Pleasure,” were informative, lively and inspiring. Jane’s speaking style is candid, refreshing and authentic and judging by class participation, evoked tremendous student interest! Her passion for her work in human sexuality is evident in her enthusiasm, preparation and engagement.
— Joanne Alba, Education Projects Coordinator and Training Specialist, Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon, February 2015